Chile Peppers Recipes
Jalapeno Peppers Jalapeno Peppers - America's Favorite Chile Pepper - Recipes and Sauces

Jalapeno Pepper Appetizer Recipes

Because of their wide distribution and easy availability, jalapeno peppers have captured the imagination of many Tex-Mex and Southwestern restaurants. Perhaps the biggest use of jalapenos is in their appetizer recipes.

Jalapenos are used in jalapeno poppers, "Armadillo Eggs", nachos, salsas and dips and all sorts of other appetizers. Here's some of the more popular jalapeno appetizer recipes.

Jalapeno Pepper Appetizer Recipes

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Jalapeno Popper Recipes

Jalapeno poppers are a staple of American jalapeno appetizer recipes and are served at many restaurants from Tex-Mex to sports bars. Combining the spicy heat of the jalapenos with cooling cream cheese and melted cheddar or american cheese produces an amazing dish that is dining favorite.
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